Military Realtor in Yuma AZ


What makes Cece different from other Realtors?

Well for one, she was a Military brat. She knows what it is like to move from place to place and not know the area. Of course you are used to not knowing people, but not knowing the right area to move into can be very stressful. Let Cece help you with that. She knows Yuma, she knows what it is like to be a Military family and she knows what it’s like to have to pick up and move your entire family on a moments notice.

No doubt, it is tough to move to a new neighborhood without knowing anyone personally, but that won’t last long. After making the house livable and the majority of the boxes are put away, begin reaching out in a number of ways to start connecting to the local lifestyle. So many military families claim one of the best parts of our way of life is the chance to meet so many cool people. Don’t waste the opportunity!

Here’s a look at 3 important, high-level questions to ask when you’re evaluating lenders

Question #1: Do you have VA loan expertise?

VA loans aren’t the right fit for every military buyer, but they’re helping scores of veterans get a foothold in the housing market. These flexible loans come with unbeatable benefits like a $0 down payment, no mortgage insurance, forgiving credit guidelines and the lowest average interest rates on the market.

Question #2: Can you connect me to veteran-friendly agents?

Real Estate agents are the boots on the ground for many military buyers. They can play an essential role in guiding veterans though the home buying process. Working with agents who understand the unique needs of veterans and military buyers is key.

Many would-be buyers start with lenders and work toward loan pre-approval before connecting with a real estate agent. Talk with loan officers about their relationship with military-savvy real estate agents. This can be especially critical for active-duty military preparing for a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move.

Question #3: What do your Veteran and military customers say?

Consumers increasingly rely on online reviews to make purchasing decisions. So why wouldn’t you consider them for what’s often the biggest purchase of your life?